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Photo by Martin Croser



Made by Elfin is a home for the custom pieces and unique works by London based maker and jeweller Elfin, who has worked closely with individual clients on custom artworks for 20 years. From artist to jeweller and back again, Elfin is an obsessive maker of things. 


‘The extra beautiful thing about handmade items is the precise customisation. You're big, I'll size it to fit you. Same goes for the very small, and everyone in between. Artwork wise, I always strive for a clever solution to merge with the brand or space of the client. Either way, I will tailor to your needs. From commercial window painting to custom wedding rings, I've got you.’


Influenced by symbology, skateboard & graffiti culture, classical art, graphic novels, manga, art nouveau and all the things a Kent kid from the 80's thinks is cool. A real mash up, translating in modern wearable designs for him, her or they.


Elfin jewellery is worn by Tom Hardy, Kat Von D, Miguel, Brian Hansen and 'The youngest photographer ever to take a formal portrait of the Queen' Shaun Murawski to name a few.

Media coverage includes the GQ Style File, Huck Magazine and Streetwear Magazine.

Elfin jewellery has also been spotted on ITV's The X factor and The BBC's  Jools Holland show.

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