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2023 Rundown

It's been an eclectic year. Thank you to all I've worked with and made things for; you enable me to continue creating for a living and for that I'm truly grateful!

In 2024 I hope to elevate my work even further. In jewellery terms that means designing and creating new pieces. I have plans for a floral collection, some chunkier masculine designs, as well as realising more hybrid characters of mine in silver and gold. As for artwork, it means more murals, paintings and apparel.

Watch this space.

Here's a video with my 2023 best bits....

Now my apologies for not posting in December, it was chaotic (in a good way).

Here's a wall (below) I painted along side my good friend Tizer in Shoreditch, london.

I hope you enjoy the time lapse (photo taken every 15mins). This is one of those hybrid characters I mentioned. How well these can translate into jewellery, I'm not sure; but I'm looking forward to trying more out this year.

And Lastly but not least, here's how I made a 'Troll Cross'.

This was an unusual commission to make. Traditionally I think this would be made by a blacksmith or and iron worker of some sort. However I was more than happy to try out methods I've not used before. This resulted in a pendant created from a Demi ring.

A one of a kind item. Specially made and now lovingly owned by Michaela.

I hope you enjoy the process video below. Here's to more in 2024!

Thank you for looking!

Any enquiries, do get in touch via the services page or email me directly;

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