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The Faravahar

The Faravahar

The Faravahar is this symbol of Zoroastrianism; one of the worlds most ancient religions. It introduced concepts of good Vs evil, influencing Judaism, Christianity, Islam and greek philosophy.


'Happiness comes to them who bring happiness to others'  Zoroaster.


The core beliefs are based around two entities; Ahura Mazda, the creator of all good things and Angra Mainyu, who represents darkness, deceit and death.

The key is to follow Ahura Mazda by having good thoughts, good words and good deeds. This is symbolised in the faravahar in the 3 rows of the wings. Bad deeds thoughts and actions are represented in the 3 rows of the tail. 


The Faravahar is available as a pendant or lapel pin.


H 18mm x W 40mm


Solid sterling silver

Handmade and hallmarked in London

Sent via recorded delivery.


Any enquiries at all, do contact me via the services page, email, or through the instagram tab. I'll be happy to help you



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