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Two Mediums Collide

Meaning a merging of my artwork and jewellery, rather than a fight between psychics (although I imagine that would be pretty cool).

Here's a wall from a few weeks ago, painted along side my good friend Tizer in Shoreditch.

I've been painting these hybrid characters sporadically for 20yrs now.

I think it's time to apply these to my jewellery; creating miniature, wearable beasts.

The design below is Betty Butterly; in the early stages of carving. The wax will be shrunk down using 3D scanning if all goes well. I'm hoping she'll make a stunning double sided pendant and earrings. This is just one design of a new collection I'm excited to make.

This does mean that I'm winding down commissions for a while. I will still be taking enquiries for repairs, alterations and gold & platinum quotes.

My books will reopen for new designs next year. Feel free to contact me if you would like a recommendation for work to be completed; I know lots of excellent jewellers.

Or if you're feeling super patient and want to have your request noted for next year, do get in touch via my services page here

There will continue to be monthly blog posts; I still have commissions to upload from this year.

Thank you for looking :)

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