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A 3D Printed Voice

“This is the world’s 1st prototype, 8cm, sterling silver 3D print of a voice. Myself and Trung Bao made a system that can receive a human voice and generates a unique sculpture from that; Every person on earth would generate a unique shape. So we’re here to explore, is there a new ceremony and opportunity for creating something that’s just never happened before” Reeps One

Good friend & incredible human @reepsone trusted me to polish this VOICE GEM created by himself and @tbaocreate

I knew when Harry visited the workshop that his Voice gem would one of the most challenging things I have ever polished.

Below is a time lapse of the different stages it went through...

I first met Harry about 15 years ago when we worked together at a trade show in Barcelona.

He has always strived for excellence and had a vision early on to represent sound in physical form. I'm so blown away by all the things he's achieved, from chess and beatbox champion, to speaking at Harvard, Ted Talks, Bell Labs and so much more.

I highly recommend you check him out, here's a link to the episode featuring 'Second Self' or his instagram Here

I'm super happy to play a part in bringing this voice gem to life. Thank you Harry!

Any enquiries regarding Voice Gems, please use to links provided to contact the Creators.

And Lastly thank you for looking :)

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