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All Seeing Spray Cap

Lours; a very skilled Artist and cofounder of The WOM Collective, made a request:

'The pyramid ring? Can I get it with a spray cap instead of the eye?'.

This felt like a great idea. I calculated whether I can manipulate the wax into what she wanted and how I could do it. No problem, I can do that for you Lours!

The pink wax was cast using the All Seeing eye mould. It is a soft wax and difficult to work with. It's important not to let the soldering iron get too hot. I was careful to melt the eye into a flat surface, too busy holding my breath to film that part.

However here's everything else; the finished article, the raw cast and original wax are pictured below. Followed by the making of video:

Thank you for looking and special thanks to Lours for this great idea of a commission.

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