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Betty has arrived

Updated: Apr 30

This began with a thick sheet of wax. I used a needle to transfer my design onto it.

The depth of the wax allowed me to experiment along the way. Mainly it was carved with a single spear like tool and occasionally wax was dripped back on with a soldering iron.

Below is a time lapse of this process, from start to finish.

I had no idea how she would eventually turn out. It can be tricky to visualise something in 3D.

I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly suprised. As each little detail came together, she developed into a real character.

Once the wax was complete, she got taken to the Goldsmiths Centre in Hatton Garden.

The wax transformed into a digital 3D scan, by the hands of Ben Ryan. This file then got sent to Cookson's in Birmingham. Cookson's do a great job at casting items in whatever size requested. I ordered one at 50% (for pendants) and another at 25% (for earrings and minature pendants). I was super excited to recieve the casts.

And here are the results.

Check out the video below for all Betty Variations!

They are available now; with or without chains, hallmarked, handmade and ready to post out to you via recorded delivery.Thank you for looking!

Thank you for looking!

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