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Commission Impossible

Not impossible in fact, just two very different requests this month...

Firstly, a bracelet commissioned by Pete. He is a talented musician and beatboxer.

A super fan made him a bracelet made from laser cut wood and woven cord.

It features his logo, an impossible cube shape.

The request was simple; can you recreate this in silver?

To begin with, I had the outline engraved as a guide. I then hand cut the logo from sheet silver using a saw with a fine blade. Finally, I added the chain and clasps.

Here's how the whole process went:

I have to say this was a challenge, but fun to make.

Pete was very pleased with the results, as was I.

Secondly. I had a request from a friend of mine, Lours; cofounder of The WOM Collective.

She is a very skilled Artist. And Her request was straight forward.

'The pyramid ring? Can I get it with a spray cap instead of the eye?'.

Immediately this felt like a great idea. I calculated whether I can manipulate the wax into what she wanted and how I could do it. No problem, I can do that for you Lours!

The pink wax seen below was cast using the All Seeing eye mould. It is a soft wax and difficult to work with. It's important not to let the soldering iron get too hot. It was exciting to melt the eye into a flat surface. I was too busy holding my breath to film that part.

However here's everything else! Enjoy the making of video below:

Many thanks to both Pete and Lours for choosing me to make something special.

Every commission, order & conversation, keeps me fed, watered and happy.

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