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Hammered for Love

I was honoured to make my good friend Marcos' wedding band.

He requested a hammered effect. So I got to it. Starting with a court shaped band.

This was struck randomly but with care to create a non repeating but succinct pattern. The edges were given the same treatment but with a file, preserving the shape of the inner band. Each dimple was sanded multiple times with finer grain each time.

Once polished, I felt very happy with this kind of mirror ball effect; even more so when Marcos confirmed he was delighted too.

Congratulations to you both! May you have many happy years together.

Check out the short video below.

Workshop footage is mine, the wedding photos are curtesy of Brando Conklin.

To request a quote for a design, do get in touch. Ideally you'll know the metal you'd like (chose from silver, golds and platinum), your ring size (roughly) and your timeline.

Head to the services page messages box here or contact me directly via

Thanks for looking!

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