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The Faravahar

The Faravahar pendant; commissioned by my good friend & talented human Anna Hessami.

This is a Zoroastrian symbol, one of the world’s oldest religions. Anna commissioned 4 pendants for her family as well as modified version; a suit pin for her Father.

It was a pleasure to make these.

We discussed if she’d be happy to make it available to everyone and she said yes.

So the Faravahar pendant is up on my shop; it’s available with or without a chain, as well as the lapel pin option here

Check out the 'making of the Faravahar pendant' below

Video description:

I start by carving the design twice the size in wax.

I then give this to @bjrdesigns to 3D scan and reduce in size.

Then file goes to @cooksongold where a cast is made in silver.

I clean it up, add the back hanging and this becomes the master.

A mould and casts are made.

The pendants are hallmarked @theassayoffice .

Everything is polished and I meet with Anna.

Few days later she sends me pictures and reports the family is chuffed to bits.

Thank you for looking!

The Faravahar pendant worn w/18" Trace chain

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